Why 3 Times a Higher Salary Isn’t Worth It?
March 7, 2016

Money isn’t everything. Off course having surplus funds in hand is always enjoyable. Nevertheless ensure that an attractive salary package doesn’t drag you into any of the following complications:

1. Deadly office principals

If you’ve often said, “My job is killing me!” — You might be right. People in an unfriendly work surroundings are more likely to expire sooner than those who work in atmospheres that are more encouraging. Death aside, toxic work environments are also known to aggravate aches, stress, and signs of depression. So before accepting a new job offer with an astounding salary, do your homework about the company.

2. You Don’t Get to See Your Boss

If the person who’s supposed to be raising you up seems to be bringing you down, then it might be time to change. Uncooperative bosses affects your physical health and your self-esteem while in the office. No job is worth putting up with distresses like that regardless of how many zeroes are included in the salary.

3. Your Work-Life Balance Would Be Out of Track

55% of all employees say they don’t have enough time for themselves, 67% of employed parents say they don’t have enough time with their kids, and 63% of married employees say they don’t have enough time with their spouse, according to Families and Work Institution’s for National Study of the Changing Workforce.

If a higher paying employer is causing you to let go of the needs of you loved ones, then it may be best to stick to a lower paying job that compromises more suppleness.

Generally there are abundant of individuals out there hunting for higher salary. For the sake of the pay, people do not mind dying with a job that doesn’t bring them happiness. As a conclusion, live your life and give yourself some time and seek for happiness and a more balanced life style rather than making yourself a slave in front of money. YOU DESERVE BETTER!