First impressions count. How do people see you? From your physical appearance to the complete set of documents, which consists of your resume, education certificates and achievements. When you are ready with these things and the eagerness to be at the interview place, it will make all the difference.


Be ready with your resume, it is an ambassador that will represent yourself. Prepare your resume well, always ensure to keep it up to date, especially with your working experiences..


Knowing what to say. Knowing what to do. Preparation will make you more confident..

It is often said that human communication consists of 93% of body language and only 7% of communication consists of words themselves.

Interviewers may ask difficult questions, but there is no excuse for not being ready. Memorizing good answers to typical interview questions is not enough preparation. Early research is a must. Spend few hours to become familiar with the job, company and its industry..


]Good interviewers know what they are looking for in just one question. Ask if you want to know. If you do this, the chances of surpassing other candidates would increase. So, preparation is the key to success..