About Us


20 years and that’s just the start of things to come. We believe in innovative recruitment in which our candidates’ interests are prioritized above all else, hence our motto “Candidates first. Everything else will follow”. This believe led us to the birth of Intelek in 1999 and it’s a value we still hold true till today. Since then, we have grown exponentially to become Malaysia’s leading homegrown recruitment and staffing agency with a total of three locations throughout Malaysia.

Leading Recruitment and Staffing Agency

Our range of expertise include executive search, permanent, temporary, contractual staffing, and payroll administration with consultants that are passionately obsessed with changing the lives of people and building relationships.

We attribute our success to our motto that assists our journey in this competitive field. Intelek is incredibly grateful to our candidates and clients who have been part of our amazing journey over the last two decades.

Although we’ve been around for 20 years, we strongly believe that what has been established is just the beginning of our goal to redefine and revolutionize recruitment. We are extremely excited for what is planned ahead and feel honored to invite you to be part of our future!